How to Get Properly Fitted for a Bikes Direct Order

At Bikes Direct, our unique Internet-based sales model allows you to purchase high-quality bicycles at factory-direct prices. Since we don’t have freestanding retail stores, we cut our costs, which allow you to buy a bike at up to 60 percent off what you would normally pay in a store. We are committed to making sure you get the best bike for the right price and that also means the correct fit. Check out our list of tips that will help you get ready to roll once your bike arrives. 

Wear what you would normally use on a bike ride. If you are a hardcore weekend road bike warrior or simply commuting to work on an urban city bike, make sure to wear proper shoes and clothes that closely match what you would typically wear when riding.

Using a medium-size book as a stand-in, straddle the spine and push upward to mimic the pressure that you would experience on a saddle. This is an effective method for equating the distance between the top tube (the horizontal piece of metal that stretches from the handlebars to the saddle) and the ground, also known as your minimum clearance. Find out your minimum clearance by measuring the top of the book spine to the ground. This will help you figure out what size frame is best for your height. 

Consider bikes that have a stand over measurement that is equal to or slightly less than one inch below your minimum clearance. If you have trouble measuring by yourself, ask a friend to help. Many bikes have different geometries or measurements that are specific to each brand. Become familiar with the sizing considerations, especially if you feel comfortable riding in a certain way.


About Bikes Direct

With a staff holding more than a century of combined experience in cycling, online bicycle shop Bikes Direct has earned a reputation over the past 10 years as a premier online source of new bicycles to customers in North America, at prices well below what they expect. Using online stores, Bikes Direct operates out of a distribution center out of Dallas, Texas, bypassing the high costs of maintaining a brick-and-mortar store and even a call center. With the benefits of being an authorized dealer to all the brands they sell, from Kestrel to GT, Bikes Direct buys their products wholesale in volume direct from the factory. With such low overhead, Bikes Direct sells bicycles at up to 60 percent less than the retail list price found at regular bike shops. Bikes Direct’s wide selection includes an array of women’s bicycles especially designed for women, with smaller and lighter frames, and smaller wheels for easier pedaling, along with standard bike equipment such Shimano and SRAM drive trains, Tektro brakes, and RST suspension forks. For cyclists looking for a more leisurely ride, Bikes Direct offers a series of comfort bicycles. Bikes Direct’s comfort bikes feature designs and equipment meant for enjoying the ride, including modest front suspension forks, lower gear drivetrains, and upright seats designed for ease over performance. Along with women’s and comfort bikes, Bikes Direct offers a large assortment of mountain, road, hybrid, single-speed, and track bicycles. When purchasing a bike at Bikes Direct’s website or eBay stores, customers receive aid with the extensive documentation and support from its expert staff. All bicycles sold by Bikes Direct receive a comprehensive inspection for defects or problems and carry a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of undiscovered defects on top of the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Customers living in the contiguous United States receive the added bonus of free freight shipping on any Bikes Direct purchase.
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