Choosing a Women’s-Specific Bicycle

When it comes to bicycles, any two brands rarely match with exact the same measurements, also known as geometry. While geometry can vary greatly from style to style, whether you are on a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, comfort, or urban cruiser, the same dimensions within each style can also slightly vary to some degree.

Most bicycle brands also carry a full line of women’s-specific bicycles that are designed with a completely different geometry than standard unisex bicycles. While many women choose to ride unisex designs, there are some advantages to purchasing a women’s-specific bicycle.

Because most bikes on the market are designed with the average man in mind, women’s-specific bicycles are tailored toward different proportions in the torso, arms, and legs. In addition to smaller shoulders and hands, women’s hips are generally wider, which creates a difference in how women sit on a saddle compares to men.

Bikes Direct carries an entire line of women’s-specific bicycles that are tailored with the following modifications:

– smaller handlebars with shorter stems that help women with shorter arms,
– different saddles to accommodate women’s hips,
– special components such as brake levers and gear shifters for smaller hands,
– different frame materials and weight that suit a lighter rider, and
– geometry that is designed specifically for a woman’s dimensions.

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How to Get Properly Fitted for a Bikes Direct Order

At Bikes Direct, our unique Internet-based sales model allows you to purchase high-quality bicycles at factory-direct prices. Since we don’t have freestanding retail stores, we cut our costs, which allow you to buy a bike at up to 60 percent off what you would normally pay in a store. We are committed to making sure you get the best bike for the right price and that also means the correct fit. Check out our list of tips that will help you get ready to roll once your bike arrives. 

Wear what you would normally use on a bike ride. If you are a hardcore weekend road bike warrior or simply commuting to work on an urban city bike, make sure to wear proper shoes and clothes that closely match what you would typically wear when riding.

Using a medium-size book as a stand-in, straddle the spine and push upward to mimic the pressure that you would experience on a saddle. This is an effective method for equating the distance between the top tube (the horizontal piece of metal that stretches from the handlebars to the saddle) and the ground, also known as your minimum clearance. Find out your minimum clearance by measuring the top of the book spine to the ground. This will help you figure out what size frame is best for your height. 

Consider bikes that have a stand over measurement that is equal to or slightly less than one inch below your minimum clearance. If you have trouble measuring by yourself, ask a friend to help. Many bikes have different geometries or measurements that are specific to each brand. Become familiar with the sizing considerations, especially if you feel comfortable riding in a certain way.

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The Pitfalls of Buying a Used Bicycle

Standing apart as a leader in the online bicycle retail marketplace, Bikes Direct offers a wide selection of quality cycles at impressively discounted costs. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Bikes Direct purchases its inventory in large volumes directly from bicycle manufacturers, subsequently passing along savings to its customers of up to 60 percent off standard pricing. In business for more than a decade, Bikes Direct provides free shipping to consumers across the continental United States, backing its excellent reputation with a 30-day money-back guarantee for any defects. With a highly trained and knowledgeable staff of experts ready to answer any questions clients may have, Bikes Direct goes to great lengths to facilitate an optimal purchase experience in every respect.

Bikes Direct understands that many consumers might first consider buying a used cycle, a decision they may regret for a number of reasons. Individuals who have never owned a bicycle most likely lack an understanding of the maintenance involved in ensuring their bike remains in peak condition. Although numerous advances in bicycle design over the past few decades certainly contribute to simpler upkeep, consumers may encounter a multitude of problems if they choose to purchase a used bicycle from a source that fails to disclose issues with the bike’s frame or components.

Bikes Direct recommends that consumers undertake detailed research when selecting a bicycle, an endeavor that proves difficult when it comes to buying a used cycle from an individual or a local shop. On the popular blog, a veteran cyclist presents a solid argument in favor of purchasing a new bike as opposed to a used one. Explaining the pitfalls associated with bicycles obtained from any source other than a retailer that specializes in selling cycles such as Bikes Direct, the author also encourages his readers to avoid sporting goods stores and discount shops, as the available products tend to be of low quality.

Cyclists of every proclivity and skill level can find their perfect bicycle at the best price by visiting the Bikes Direct website at, always featuring a comprehensive catalogue of cycles from the world’s top bicycle makers.

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Bikes Direct Answers Your Bicycling Questions – Part 2

By Bikes Direct

Question: I’m looking for a bike that can withstand rides over dirt roads and rocky trails outside of the city. Is a mountain bike my only option?

Answer: Numerous alternatives exist for the rider who wants a durable, all-terrain cycle. With stout frames, wide-tread tires, and excellent shock-absorption capabilities, mountain bikes are a great choice for the cyclist who spends most of his or her time on two wheels outside of the city. Individuals with lower back problems enjoy the higher seats and straight handlebars that set mountain bikes apart from road bikes, as well. Since straight speed isn’t a priority as it is with road bikes, mountain bikers ride far less hunched-over than road cyclists, the body’s weight serving to balance and maneuver the bicycle as a whole. 

Here at Bikes Direct, we like to remind customers interested in purchasing a mountain bike that technology has advanced notably in the past two decades, leading to the creation of a new class of bicycle known as a hybrid. Combining the features of a road bike and a mountain bike, hybrid bicycles are outfitted with smoother, skinnier tires somewhat like a road bike, although the higher seat and handlebar orientation resembles a mountain bike far more than a road cycle. We recommend hybrid bikes to riders looking for a well-built commuter cycle that optimally transitions between short trips in the city and medium-impact adventures in the backcountry.

Question: What sort of bicycle does Bikes Direct suggest for the casual weekend cyclist? I don’t travel long distances via bike, nor do I expect to embark on any mountain biking trips in the near future. 

Answer: A wonderful bike designed for comfortable, low-speed jaunts across flat terrain, cruisers are fairly simple machines in terms of their construction mechanics. Some cruisers possess only a single gear, certainly enough for the cyclist who simply wants to enjoy a leisurely ride through town on a sunny day. Distinguished by their upright handlebars, thick tires, and wide, soft seats, cruisers aren’t the fastest or most durable bikes. Regardless, cruisers offer a pleasant ride with minimal stress regarding upkeep. 

To view a complete inventory of the cycles available through Bikes Direct, visit today.

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Bikes Direct: Different Types of Bikes, Part 1

Bikes Direct offers a wide online selection of the most popular bicycles available today at discount prices, shipped to you from our Dallas, Texas, distribution center. Each type of bike suits a different riding style and personality, so it’s important to understand the different types of bicycle before making a purchase. To see the models on offer now, visit

Road Bike

The traditional bicycle format, the road bike is designed for speed and agility. These bikes feature low-set, curved handlebars and brakes installed on the vertical. The riding position for a road bike places the head and back lower, in order to maximize aerodynamics. In addition, road bikes tend to be built with lighter materials, thinner frames, and low-volume, high-pressure tires to increase speed. Road bikes take a bit of getting used to for beginning riders, but they will get you from point A to point B faster than any other type. They should be ridden exclusively on roads.

Mountain Bike

An alternative to the road bike, mountain bikes are built with the exact opposite principles in mind. Mountain bikes are designed to be sturdy during off-road conditions, so they feature heavier frames made with stronger material. The wheels are wider and fatter, and the tires have grooves that can handle rocks, tree roots, and other obstacles. Mountain bikes also often have more comfortable seats, and they sometimes include shocks to help cushion the force of large jumps or falls. The riding position for a mountain bike is slightly more upright than for a road bike, which makes the style a little more comfortable for beginning riders. Mountain bikes also usually employ straight handlebars and brakes set on the horizontal, instead of the road bike’s curved and vertical setup.

Hybrid/Commuter/Urban Bike

These bicycles combine aspects of both mountain and road bikes. The exact specifications vary significantly, depending on the manufacturer, but hybrid bikes always attempt to provide greater stability and versatility in a wider range of conditions by using a mix of mountain and road bike parts. Hybrid bikes can handle minor off-roading, although not the large jumps and bumps that mountain bikes are built for. They also function well on roads, although they won’t provide quite the same speed as a road bike.

Bikes Direct: Different Types of Bikes, Part 2 here

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